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Jack Lalanne, the health and fitness guru once said, "If man makes it, don't eat it." What good advice! Nothing is healthier than fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the ground (or tree). Fresh produce is what your body needs everyday, not human engineered (processed) food that comes with extra preservatives, too much salt and sugars. Juice Press features the leading juice press brands and juicer brands.

Our large selection of juice presses and juicers will give you the power to juice properly, efficiently and leave you feeling healthy day in and day out. Once you begin juicing, you will notice that your appetite will not be as demanding. This is because you are getting all the vitamins and minerals your body requires on a daily basis. People keep feeling hungry even though they are full because their bodies aren't getting enough of something, whether it be sleep, vitamins, minerals, water, etc. Your mind interprets these signals from your body incorrectly as hunger. Most people don't consume enough vegetables on a daily basis. This creates a huge vitamin and mineral deficit that is never balanced out. This can lead to a weaker immune system and many health problems down the road. Juicing vegetables and fruits on a daily basis can help make up for this deficit, and can restore your body's immune system. You will begin feeling good too.

You can't just juice alone, though, because a lot of that pulp that is extracted in the juicer has important fiber. Use a juicer as a way to help balance your diet rather than complete it. For instance, instead of drinking an unhealthy soda, have a glass of raw carrot juice. Have a bunch of vegetables that have almost gone bad and have no time to cook or prepare them with anything? Just throw them in the juicer and drink it on the go. Never let produce in your refrigerator go to waste! Juice it instead, and save your money. Cleaning is easy! Usually just a few minutes will make your juicer ready for the next juicing.