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Conventional treatment vs Alternative treatment?

I am just curious as to what cancer survivors recommend.

I know that many people recommended alternative therapies to me when I was going through conventional cancer treatment - always by people who had never had to face the disease.

I was just wondering if the same sort of ratio applied to the online community.
It would be good if you advise the type of cancer you were treated for, type of treatment and current prognosis.

For me, small cell carcinoma in the breast, conventional treatment, full remision for 4.5 years.
I just remembered there was one man who recommended apricot kernals, both as a treatment or as a preventative as he used them. (a repairman I did only met the once), I have since heard he was diagnosed with cancer and later died.

At the time I was diagnosed with stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer I was actually something of a believer in alternative treatments; I was fearful of the conventional treatments and determined that there must be effective alternatives to mastectomy, and later to chemotherapy.

So I researched alternative therapies thoroughly. I spent almost all day and night on the internet and consulted a homeopath, a nutritionist and a reiki practitioner (yes, I really did!).

And yes, people fell over themselves to recommend various alternative therapies (and I looked into them all), and like the people you encountered, they were invariably people who had not had cancer; nor had any of them ever actually known someone to be successfully treated by any of the methods they recommended.

The oddest recommendation in my particular case was that people kept pressing Jane Plant's book 'Your Life In Your Hands' on me. I'd already read it, and felt pretty smug when I did. She claims dairy is the cause of breast cancer, and that excluding dairy from your diet will prevent and cure it. And I had been a vegan for years - no dairy in any form at all. Another thing my brilliant diet was protecting me from!

I felt a little less smug six months later when diagnosed with aggressive, advanced breast cancer.

What was odd was that without exception the people pressing Plant's book on me knew I was a vegan. I did reread it though, and noticed something I'd missed the first time. At the time Plant removed dairy from her diet, and noticed her tumour shrink and eventually disappear - she was undergoing a course of chemotherapy. Hmmmm.....

I did attempt the Gerson diet after surgery, initially intending to follow it instead of having chemotherapy. It was the nutritionist I saw who guided me in this. Drinking juice every hour and consuming enormous amounts of vitamin pills caused me to vomit regularly, and in the end my stomach turned even as I contemplated the dreary routine of making and drinking the juices. It put me off juice for years and I was juicing enthusiast before.

The upshot of all my research was that I reluctantly came to the realisation that none of the alternative therapies I investigated or tried had ever been proven to successfully treat a single case of cancer, ever.

I had conventional treatment - surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.

As I said, stage 3 grade 3 breast cancer, er+, pr+; also extensive DCIS.

Have been in complete remission for over 5 years.

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